Ugeat Virgin Hair Weft Extensions Guide

Ugeat Virgin Hair Weft Extensions Guide

Weft extensions, as one of the most important members of the hair extension family, after more than 100 years of development, weft extensions come in various types and sizes, such as machine weft, hand tied weft, flat silk weft, hybrid weft and so on! Follow us to learn about the most popular weft hair extensions on the market.

Machine Weft

Machine weft hair extensions are sewn together by machine on thicker wefts, which means there is more hair per weft, but it looks bulkier at the roots and has return hair, making it harder to hide. Machine weft hair extensions are the oldest form of hair extensions and are designed with double wefts to achieve maximum fullness per inch. Ideal for those with medium to thick hair density. They can be cut without hair shedding.

Virgin machine weft hair extensions

Flat Silk Weft

Flat weft refers to sewing hair onto a flat ribbon, with no return hair, very invisible and comfortable. It creates a smooth, flat attachment on the scalp due to this seamless and flat design. Great for those with sensitive scalps or thin hair. Using high-quality virgin hair as raw material, it can be used for 8-12 months with good care. It satisfies the needs of customers looking for longer usage times.View installation video

Virgin flat silk weft hair extensions thin weft

Hand-tied Weft

Hand tied wefts are knotted by hand. Hand-tied wefts are very thin, so they are usually lightweight and, if worn correctly, put very little pressure on your natural hair roots, making them ideal for wearers with thin or fine hair. It can give you a smooth, natural and seamless effect. Hand-tied hair extensions can be secured in layers and offer a variety of styling and coloring options. However, it should be noted that the hand-tied weft cannot be cut. After being cut, the hand-tied weft can easily fall off.

hand-tied weft virgin hair extensions for salon

Hybrid/Genius Weft

Hybrid wefts were created to combine the benefits of all types of weft hair extensions. Hybrid hair extension wefts have no return hairs (aka "beards"). It avoids uncomfortable problems such as itchy hair caused by return hair. The ideal blended wefts are thin and unnoticeable, making them easy to layer, but also allowing you to fully customize them for each client without compromising the integrity of the wefts. Unlike hand-tied hair extensions, hybrid hair extension wefts can be cut freely. View installation video

genius weft virgin hair extensions hybrid weft

Hole Flat Weft

Virgin Hole Flat Weft also known as xo invisible weft is the latest type of hair weft. It combines the advantages of injected tape extension and flat silk weft extension. It is made by injecting hair into PU wefts, giving the appearance of hair growing naturally from the scalp, blending truly seamlessly with your natural hair. The PU weft can be cut to fit the shape of your scalp more closely. Use micro beads to install it. No glue or sew in hair is required. It will cause little harm to your own hair.View installation video

hole weft xo invisible hair weft virgin hair weft

These five types of hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions in recent times. I hope this blog helps you choose the right hair extensions for yourself or your clients. If you need one, Ugeat has these five types of hair extensions to suit your needs. Of course, as market demand changes and technology updates, more categories of hair weft will appear in the future, such as tape weft hair, etc. We will continue to follow up to discover and create new hair weft that can meet different needs for you. keep looking forward to it!

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