How to Distinguish Remy Har and Virgin Hair?

How to Distinguish Remy Har and Virgin Hair?

"Virgin Hair Extensions" is a term often used when purchasing hair extensions, and most of our customers have no idea what "Virgin Hair Extensions" actually are. Most people think virgin hair is never processed, but that's not true. Although this type of hair requires minimal processing, it still needs to be processed to create perfect color consistency between dye batches. So what kind of hair is considered virgin hair. What is the difference between Virgin hair and remy hair? Let us help you distinguish them

First:Hair Cuticle

Put remy hair and virgin hair under a professional microscope, you will find that virgin hair retains almost all the hair cuticle and the direction of the hair cuticle remains consistent, while remy hair only retains 70%-80% of the hair scales and the direction is inconsistent.

How to distinguish remy har and virgin hair

Second:Effect After Washing

Virgin hair will remain straight after washing, while remy hair will become slightly curly after washing.

Comparison of virgin hair and remy hair after washing

Third: Hair Follicles

Virgin hair mainly comes from a donor, which is healthy hair cut directly from the donor's hair, so there are no hair follicles at the bottom of the hair in virgin hair extensions.
Remy hair comes from multiple donors, mainly from donors who collect their own naturally shed hair. As we all know, hair that falls out naturally will have hair follicles, so the hair bottom of remy hair extensions may have hair follicles, that is, there will be small black spots at the bottom. Seeing if there are small black dots on the bottom is a quick way to tell if the hair is virgin hair or not.

Fourth: Hand Feel and Gloss

Virgin hair has a better feel and shine than remy hair because it retains almost all of the cuticle.

How to distinguish remy har and virgin hair

 Fifth: Time of use

 The using time of virgin hair is 8-12 months with good care. The using time of remy hair is 3-6 months with good care. Virgin hair lasts longer. Although the price of virgn hair is higher, the average cost of virgin hair per day of use is less than remy hair!

 These are the main ways we share to differentiate between virgin hair and remy hair. If you want a long-lasting hairstyle and hair that looks healthy and natural, virgin hair is the best choice for you. virgin hair has received recognition from people who are seeking a clientele with high quality hair extensions!
If you are on a budget or you want to change your hair style in a short period of time, we recommend you to choose our remy hair extensions. We have different types of hair extensions for you to choose.

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