How to Install, Remove and Care for Tape in Hair?

How to Install, Remove and Care for Tape in Hair?

Tape in hair extensions are a very popular hair extension method, and many clients choose tape hair extensions to add hair volume and length. As a professional hairstylist you need to understand and learn how to install, remove and care for tape in hair extensions.

Installing tape in hair extensions

The most common method of installing tape in hair is using the "sandwich" method.
1. Hair extensions must be applied to washed clean hair.
2. Lift up the hair and apply one piece under the parted section.
3. Place the tape 2-3 mm below the part.
4. Attach another tape-on hair piece directly above so the two meet, and press.

 tape in hair installation

There is another less common way of wearing it - using single sided tape

1.After dividing your hair into layers, attach the tape in hair extensions to your hair.
2.Apply single-sided tape underneath. Click here to check the installation video.

 apply tape in hair by using single sided tape

Remove Tape in Hair

Step 1: Apply a professional adhesive remover or oil to the target area and wait for some time to loosen the adhesive. Remove hair extensions carefully and gently without tugging or tugging.
Step 2: After removing the hair extensions, wash away any residue with a mild shampoo and warm water.
Step 3: Please wait for your hair to dry completely before replacing the glue and installing the hair extensions.
Following these will effectively eliminate tape residue from your hair extensions so you can reuse them with new tape.

remove tape in hair

Take Care Tape in Hair Extensions

1. Do not put any oil/conditioner/alcohol/styling products near the actual tape of the extension
2. When combing your hair, use one hand to hold the part of the head closest to the root of the head, and then use the other hand to comb upward from the bottom of the hair.
3. When styling, be sure to pay attention to the position of the tape and do not pull hard on the base where the tape is located.
4. It is recommended that you braid your hair before going to bed, or tie your hair into a low ponytail to prevent the hair extensions from getting tangled and pulled during sleep.
5. It’s important to use salon-grade shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate- and paraben-free to keep your extensions healthy and hydrated. But don’t use conditioner near the tape of tape hair extensions
6. Do not wash your hair and hair extensions frequently, just 2-3 times a week.

Understanding the installation and removal of tape in hair is important for both hairstylist clients and clients who use it themselves. This will help you decide if tape in hair extensions are right for you. Knowing how to care for your hair extensions can help you extend the life of your hair extensions. Follow us, we will continue to share more knowledge about hair extensions.

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