Something You Need to Know About Ugeat Pro Account

Something You Need to Know About Ugeat Pro Account

How to Get A Pro Account?

Ugeat Professional accounts are restricted to hair stylists or salon owners or retailers. A Pro Account is only for wholesale orders(Orders over $800 are considered wholesale orders) now. For new customers, you need to submit an application, and you will get an account when you pass the review.

What I Can Get From A Pro Account?

  1. Log in to your account to view wholesale prices. No need to wait for quotation due to time difference.
  2. Free express logistics service.Wholesale orders can enjoy free expedited logistics service.
  3. Try new products at low prices. New reminder on new products. If you are interested in new products, you can try them at low price or try new products for free.
  4. Exclusive customer service. Exclusive customer service to help you solve pre-sales and after-sales problems. We don't just care about our sales, but also about your experience with our products and services.
  5. Free color ring. Every wholesale customer can get a free virgin hair color ring.
  6. Help you build your brand. We can customize the packaging with your logo for you.
what I can get from Pro account?

    Hair Sample

    As we all know, the cost of human hair is very high, especially for high-quality virgin hair products, because of budget constraints, we do not provide free samples. Of course, we understand your concerns about using a new brand and not wanting to spend too much money on samples. In order to show our sincerity, you can enjoy lower wholesale price to buy our samples and enjoy free expedited logistics service (this is the sample offer only for hairstylists). Contact us to know more.


    1.How can I get free expedited shipping?

    If the order amount exceeds 800 US dollars, the expedited logistics service can be provided for free.

    2.Can I get a lower price?

    Sure, buy more than save more.Contact us to know more details.

    3.Can I get a free color ring?

    Each wholesale order customer can get a free color ring, the free color ring can be shipped together with your wholesale order

    4.I want customized private logo, can I get it?

    Of course, we can provide customized private logo packaging for your wholesale orders. Before your shipment, please contact us to confirm your logo and which kind of packaging you want. We offer two kind of free custom logo packages-long package and small package. Here is the photos of our custom packaging for customers, please check.You can choose according to your needs

    customize package with the customer's logo

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